imagesWhen I drop the term egalitarian among my friend circles, I’m typically met with a glazed stare, the one that lets me know I’ve lost my audience. I get it, it’s not a common word and it’s not used much outside of theological colloquy.

For a while now, I’ve incorporated the concept of egalitarian theology in my writing and speaking, although I don’t always write or speak of it overtly. So beginning next week, I am going to publish some articles defining the words egalitarian and complementarian, their origins and then I’ll discuss how these constructs show up in our daily lives and relationships. I will have two guest writers on my blog who will explore mutuality in the context of church and marriage.

I am really excited about these posts and hope you will follow along. Please reserve any major decision-making over which theological group you align with until the end of the posts. I maintain complete autonomy over all comments on my website. If they are not professional, engaging, beneficial or thoughtful, they will not be published.

If you have never heard of these concepts, this will be a good learning experience for you and if you consider yourself pretty educated in the area of biblical mutuality, awesome!

Here’s what you can expect:

Monday, March 16th: Definition of Terms

Tuesday, March 17th: Myths and Misconceptions About Biblical Mutuality

Wednesday, March 18th: Roman Household Codes

Thursday, March 19th: Mutuality in the Church, guest writer

Friday, March 20th: Mutuality in Marriage, guest writer







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